Fiscal Responsibility

Resident Driven Budgeting Priorities

  • Correct Village Staffing – End Revolving Door
  • Focus Staff on Core Services

NO TAX DOLLARS to Subsidize Developers

  • Investors Take Risks – NOT Taxpayers 

Contract Bidding – Fairness & Consistency Required

Neighborhood Life & Home Values


Your Residential Quality of Life is More Important than Village Staff’s Agenda

  • “YES” to Quiet, Safe and Uncongested Side Streets
  • “NO” to Vision of 82 New Multi-Family Housing Units
  • “NO” to Village Meddling in Real Estate Business

Supporting Your Home Values

  • “YES” to Protecting Property Values for EXISTING HOMEOWNERS  
  • “YES” to Revitalizing Commercial District with Private Investment/Renovation in Harmony with Residential Life
  • “NO” to Replacing low Commercial Buildings with 40’ Curb-to-Curb Mixed-Use PUD’s (Planned Unit Developments)   

Transparency & Community Dialogue

Dialogue with Citizens is Required

  • You Deserve Respect – We Respect You & We Will Listen to You
  • True Discussion Yields Optimal Decisions and Outcomes

Reclaim Village Policy from Staff

  • Village Board Decides Policy AFTER Community Dialogue
  • Village Manager Executes Rather than Makes Policy
  • End ‘Rubber Stamping’ of Staff Agenda

Citizens Should Decide the Use of the Village’s Open Land at Roger/Sterling

  • A Park?
  • High Density Housing?
  • Hybrid Zoning Allowing Apt/Condo use with Residential Front and Side Yard Set-Backs?
  • YOU Will Have a Role in Deciding Land Use Policy

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