Marjorie (Zander) MacLean

Independent Candidate

Trustee, Village of Kenilworth

Why do families choose to move to Kenilworth instead of Winnetka or Wilmette?  In addition to Joseph Sears School, neighbors consistently say it’s for the character of the Village, for the small town feel, for the residential quality of life.  

As a member of the fourth generation in my family to live in Kenilworth, I see danger signs that our Village government is pushing us towards a change in character with high density apartments / condominiums that don’t match the scale of our neighborhoods.  

These warning signs come in the form of:  a staff suggestion to switch to the “By Right” development process, a letter from the Teska engineering firm envisioning 82 new housing units on Green Bay Road / Park Drive, a draft spending policy of the Finance Committee that subsidizes development with tax dollars, land use studies, ordinance review, etc. 

These developments are promoted as a way to shore up Kenilworth finances.  HOWEVER, I believe that working together under Paul O’Connor’s leadership, we will maintain our AAA credit rating and meet our financial needs WITHOUT the Village getting into the risky real estate business and eroding our quality of life and home values. 

As a volunteer member of the Green Bay Road Corridor Committee, and a dedicated participant and observer at many Village meetings, I have done my homework and am ready to get to work to secure Kenilworth’s unique character. 

With my success as a principal in a family software business, and prior career as a corporate and finance attorney, I have the business and legal background to help the Village address our challenges.

Please join me by voting by mail, voting early, or voting in person on April 6th.  

I welcome the opportunity to meet you by phone or in person, to discuss your concerns and vision for our community.

Marjorie MacLean

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