Friends of Kenilworth

Statement from Kenilworth candidates Paul O’Connor & Marjorie MacLean

Congratulations to Christopher Ottsen, Amy Hannus, Cecily Kaz, and Walter Kelly.

For the first time in 12 years, voters in Kenilworth had a choice on Election Day, and an opportunity to have their voices heard. And despite the KCAC leadership allowing character attacks and inside dealing during the caucus process, and violating their own bylaws’ prohibition on campaigning, we simply delivered an independent message to Village residents.

And the results are clear: there are divisions in our community.

West Side: Independents win 60-40
East Side: KCP wins 70-30

Many voters in Kenilworth do not want more of the same. They are concerned about Village spending, property tax bills and home values, government transparency and give-aways to developers.

We hope that the new Village Board hears them and understands the work that needs to be done to bridge the divide and chart a new, better course for our community.

We thank our supporters for making their voices heard.

Paul O’Connor
Marjorie MacLean

Paul O’Connor

Independent Candidate for President, Village of Kenilworth
21 Year Kenilworth Resident on Melrose Ave
Owner/President of Specialty Steel Manufacturer
Electrical Engineer
Father of Six Daughters

Marjorie (Zander) MacLean

Independent Candidate for Trustee, Village of Kenilworth
4th Generation Kenilworth Resident
11 Year Kenilworth Resident on Wayland
IT Business Principal
Experienced Transaction Lawyer



President, Village of Kenilworth:

Paul O’Connor, Independent, Ballot #2

Trustee, Village of Kenilworth:

Marjorie (Zander) MacLean, Independent, Ballot #7

Friends of Kenilworth supports candidates who stand for:

Fiscal Responsibility

Neighborhood Life & Home Values

Transparency & Community Dialogue

Because we want to keep

Kenilworth looking like this.

And not like this.

Friends of Kenilworth
P.O. Box 131
Kenilworth, IL 60043